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ADV7612: SMPTE-125M 525i compatible output

Question asked by CorentinC on Oct 22, 2012
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Our ADV7612 board is configured to insert EAV and SAV codes into the video data stream.

We have connected its output to an SDI/HD-SDI transmitter and everything works fine expect 480i60 mode (CEA 861 standards 6 & 7).

CEA 861 standard define the active area on lines 22 to 261 and 285 to 524 inclusive (240 active lines per field) while our SDI transmitter uses SMPTE 125M timing witch defines the active area on lines 20 to 263 and 283 to 525 inclusive (244 lines on field 1, 243 lines on field 2).


Is there a way to configure the ADV7612 to modify its EAV/SAV insertion in order to match SMPTE-125M timing?

I tried to configure CP output synchronisation registers (DE_V_START and DE_V_END) but it doesn't change EAV/SAV insertion behaviour.


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