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Problem with power factor measurements (ADE7816)

Question asked by agarciaoteros on Oct 22, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2012 by hmani


we have a problem with ADE7816, we started the design of a new device with multi-input CT, we bought the evaluation board and connected a inductive load at channel A, and we used in parallel a analyzed power to calibrate it....these are the results:


1) we got differents power factors:

     ADE7816 (channel A) :  0.985

     Analyzed power(calibrated): 0.850


2) we got this angle by two ways, and get the same result:


ADE7816 method (1)  --> cos(arctg(AVARHR / AWATTHR))=0.985             

               method (2)  --> directly reading ANGLE0 -->  cos(ANGLE0*(50-360)/25600)=0.995


We don't know what happend but we get different power factor when use reactive load (0.985 =/ 0.85),

it's a big different between these values.


I think this driver (ADE7816) should work well, but we don't know what happend.


Thank you at all.