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ADV212 questions

Question asked by SpacedCowboy on Oct 20, 2012
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I'm planning on using the ADV212 to encode SD PAL/NTSC video on a field-by-field or possibly frame-by-frame basis. I'll have a 16-bit interface to the chip. The design currently looks like the attached schematic (there's lots of headers so I can swap things in and out )


I had a few questions:

  • Is it necessary to have the JTAG pins connected for any run-time or development-time process ? I can't find any reference in the manual for anything I'd need them for, but I don't want to spin the board and find out I needed them... In the meantime they're all tied low apart from TDO.
  • Similarly, the SCOMM pins ? Apart from SCOMM4, are any of the other pins likely to be useful ? Again, they're currently tied low apart from SCOMM4
  • Since I'm only using 16-bit i/o, do I really need to tie the top 16 pins to ground via a pull-down resistor ?
  • In the FAQ for 'what's the absolute minimal pins required', it states you need to have the DMA pins configured. I don't need DMA, right ? (This seems to be confirmed by another FAQ, but thought I'd check). I've tied these high or low depending on the data sheet. Is this ok ?


I could bring all the pins out of course, but that makes routing a bit more complex, my CAD program isn't particularly helpful in this regard...


If there's anything missing, I'd appreciate being told now, as well