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ADAU1701 - Overvoltage Problem

Question asked by tubeampsrock on Oct 19, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2012 by GatsbyDSP

Has anybody given too much supply voltage to the pins expecting 3.3v ?


After testing my first printed PCB, I realized my 3.3 regulator was undersized for the current draw needed by the ADAU1701, and the ADAU1701 was getting about 6.4 volts.

Now I have a good 3.3 supply and the 1.8v regulation is working properly.

The documentation says the default boot will pass audio thru, however while feeding audio in to the chip, there is no audio coming out.

When programming the message in Sigma Studio says "Active Downloaded", but then changes to "Compiled, Comms Failed"

A simple program that runs fine on other boards still results: feeding audio in to the chip, there is no audio coming out.



Are these typical symptoms for an over-voltage damaged chip, to have no audio and communication despite the 1.8v regulation working properly?

I may be able to solder a new chip on the board... but not sure how well I can remove the existing chip.


Adding some photos as requested for my removal method -  Message was edited by:tubeampsrock