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ADV7612 equalizer settings

Question asked by CorentinC on Oct 19, 2012
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Working on a new design embedding ADV7612 HDMI receiver, I have problems when using equalizer recommended settings given the script : EVAL-ADV7612EB1Z_scripts_v2_9.


68 8D 04

68 8E 1E

68 90 04

68 91 1E


My HDMI source is a PC graphic card configured in 1080i50 output mode and I have a lot of signal loss occurring randomly.

Setting up the IRQ system of the AD7612 I saw that I have vertical sync filter loss of synchronisation flag reported

(reg IO 0x6B). DE Regeneration and TMDS PLL doesn't report sync loss.


I tried the default settings written in ADV7612 Software Manual pr0 p 85-86 and it is now much more stable (no more signal loss and vertical sync filter loss flag reported).


Configured working settings :

68 8D 18

68 8E 34

68 90 A0

68 91 30

68 93 88

68 94 2E


This seems to solve my problem, but trying to get more information about the equalizer settings and reading this forum, I understand that AD "strongly advise that all customers use the values in recommended settings document / scripts.  They are the only settings found to be consistently reliable".


So since those settings doesn't work well for me and that software manual ones seams to have better behaviour, can you please highlight the problems I may encounter using software manual p85-86 settings?


Thank you for your support