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BF561 PLL Configuration

Question asked by anuvunnam on Oct 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by Prashant



For my current project I am using BF561 processor and the clock is provided by a Crystal of 100Mhz.

When I connect the emulator to the target using VDSP5.0, I observed the default values of the PLL registers to be as given below

PLL_CTL = 0x1500;   whereas the default value should be 0x1400

PLL_DIV = 0x05;

PLL_STAT = 0xA1;   whereas the default value should be 0xA2

VR_CTL = 0xDB;

We created a project and tried changing the PLL values for Core Clock = 400Mhz and Sys Clock = 80Mhz using Set_PLL() function given by Analog devices.

But the PLL_STAT is not getting changed.

Can u tell us why PLL is getting bypassed and Core is going in active mode?