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ADE7953, error on reading registers

Question asked by karens on Oct 19, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by karens

I am new to ADE7953. I have the problem on reading the registers value using SPI interface. After power up the board, I assume all ADE7953 registers must be set to the default values. For example, send command to read register CONFIG (address 0x0102), the default value should be 0x8004 upon the data sheet, but the value I read back was 0x4002, repeatable; send command to read register CF1DEN, default value is 0x03F, but the reading was 0x001F. But if sending command to read ZXTOUT register, the reading matched the default value (0xFFFF). I don't know why. I used ADE7763 on some other projects, and never had such problem. I used the same read and write routine I used on communicating ADE7763 with the same MCU and the same baud rate (set to 1.25 MHz), of course, the read / write command format are different between ADE7763 and ADE7953. Please give me suggestions on how to fix this issue.


Thank you very much in advance!