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Read back the closed caption data through I2C on ADV7842

Question asked by Elle on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2012 by mattp


I am tryring to read the closed caption data through I2C on ADV7842 chip.

Here is the script I have used

I assume there is no need to have extra setting and I should be able to read some values from I2C registers,



Function          I2C address                     Register

write               0x48 (VDP)                      0x78[0]  =1 to refresh the CCAP status register

Read               0x48 (VDP)                      0x40[0,1] CC data detection
Read               0x48  (VDP)                     0x41,0x42 decoded CC data


but I don't read back 0x00 all the time

I was looking in to the register setting and it looks that there is no VBI_DATA_STD[3:0] as I wanted to check and see if that is set correctly instead I saw there is VDP_Fast_VBI_STD[3:0] which has the same functionality for fast I2C.

So I wonder if I don't want to use fast I2C is there anyway to read CC data, if not what is the setting to enable the fast I2C.