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ADV212 configuration not being utilized in codestream generation

Question asked by JKimble on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2012 by DaveD

We're using a pair of ADV212's to encode YUV camera data to j2c. The encode

configuration settings are as follows:


Offset   Name                Setting

======   ==================  ==========

0x0      VFORMAT             0x04

0x1      PREC                0x00

0x2      XFORMLEV            0x05

0x3      UNI                 0x03

0x4      CBSIZE              0x03

0x5      WKERNEL             0x00 

0x6      STALLPAR            0x00

0x7      ATTRTYPE            0x00

0x8      RCTYPE              0x01

0x9-0xb  RCVAL               0x003000

0xc      Progression Order   0x00

0xd      PICFG               0x01 

0xe      QFACT               0x00

Oxf      COD_STYLE           0x71


The issue is that no matter what I set the COD_STYLE to I'm not able to see a

difference in the code stream of the video data. With COD_STYLE set to 0x71 I

would expect to see PLT, SOP and EPH markers but I don't. I've tried several

other configurations as well but no change. I'm wondering if one of my other

settings might be preventing these markers of this COD_STYLE from being used?


I've attached a codestream I generated with these settings.