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BF 533 EZ-KIT LITE problem with FPGA loading by Flash programmer

Question asked by omikron84 on Jul 26, 2009



I have BF 533 EZ-KIT LITE rev. 1.6 connected together with FPGA EZ-EXTENDER daughter board.

I just tried to send the .mcs image supplied with VisualDSP 5.0 to the FPGA chip by the Flash Programmer tool, as described in readme file. But it fails:


When the driver from FPGA EZ-EXTENDER directory is loading, it warns that the code for silicon revision 0.3 is loaded to silicon revision 0.2.

When the .mcs file is choosen in Programming tab and Start is pressed, it starts to work and the USB activity led is flashing heavily.

After about 30s the whole VisualDSP enviroment quits without saying a word and Done LED on the daughter board remains off.


The swithes and jumpers are set as described in manual:


FPGA M0,M1,M2 are off

the switches that connects PF2 and PF3 to the BF are on

the switch between FPGA and Serial ROM's CE is off


on the mainboard, the switches between PF2, PF3 and video decoder are both off.


Where is the fault? Does the driver need a patch for older silicon revision?


VisualDSP is 5.0 upd1.