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ICE-100B fails after detected its Device IDE parameter as 0

Question asked by jaime.of on Oct 18, 2012
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I was using my ICE-100B with a propietary board that integrated a BF506F when it started to fail. First I couldn't connect to the target DSP and appeared the next message in the screen:

"VisualDSP has detected 0 device(s) in the JTAG

Chain yet there are 1 device(s) listed in this platform.

Please verify that all settings are correct in the ICE configuration utility."


I have used this JTAG with this board before since three months ago and sometimes I could see this message, but I only needed to restart the VisualDSP and it works well. But now this message never dissapear.


Then, I selected the ICE Test option and I could see that in the device ID appears 0. I have used an ADSP-BF50F EZ_KIT LITE till now, and the device ID is different. Then, I tried to make a test, and the test fail when it arrived at the point: "Determining scan path length".


After that, I changed the USB port, but the result was worse. Now, Windows doesn`t detect the JTAG and the MON Led is off .


I don't know what is the problem.  How can I repair my JTAG?


Thank you in advance,