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Lightning Surge Protection of a Differential Amplifier

Question asked by mocuZ on Oct 17, 2012
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I am currently stuck on the following problem: I am using AD8132 as a line driver in a single-ended configuration. I want to protect both the input and

outputs from eventual lightning surges. I started to look for a solution and I came out with this SLVU2.8 (which is great in terms of board space and

pin configuration). My first question is: if I use this TVS will the outputs still be phase reversal protected (as they would be if a current limiting

resistor is used with schottky diodes tied to power supply)? What happens when a lightning strikes? Where do the surge go? Will there be

any damage to the PCB if I just apply the application ciruit as it is shown in the datasheet (Protection of a unidirectional line on page 3)? Should

I take some other precautions?

My second struggle is with the outputs: do I use the same configuration for each of the outputs as for the input? What happens when something

comes back from the transmission line?


The PCB sits in an aluminum enclosure. I've heard (and seen) that there is a grounding stud on the rear side of the enclosure in some cases.

This connects to a solid earth ground and in some way prtotects the device. Do I really need to do this?


I will appreciate any advice or help.

Thank, you.