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Buffering AD7147 AC_Shield Signal

Question asked by jenniferV13 on Oct 17, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2012 by jenniferV13

Hi, I'm looking to attach a load to the AC_Shield pin of the AD7147 device that exceeds the 150 pF max value specified in the data sheet. I plan on using a buffer amplifier to address this issue. Is there a minimum bandwidth that the amplifier must have in order to properly buffer the signal? I'm concerned that if an unsuitable buffer amplifier is chosen, the buffered AC_Shield signal won't actually be able to be used for shielding purposes (due to a time lag introduced by buffering and/or distortion of the square wave).


Here's the buffer I am currently thinking of using:

Do you think this will work? Or do you recommend something different?