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ADSP21262 IRQ2 interrupt problem

Question asked by ODAX on Jul 25, 2009
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I have problem with the IRQ2 interrupt ( ADSP21262 procesor)
When the signal on IRQ2 pin goes low my program stack  and I don't know where.
I did some experiments but still I don't know whay. I need transfer blok of data to the PC by fifo tf2232h.
The transfer is ok in main function but when the signal on IRQ2 goes low the transfer stack.
The function Irq2_handler is not executing. On simulator everything is ok.  I'm booting procesor via SPI FLASH.


My simple program looks like this.


#include <def2126x.h>
#include <signal.h>
int g,i;


void irq2_handler(int sig)
* (volatile int *)TXPP=0x2B505344;           //DSP+


void main( )


*(volatile int *)PPCTL=PPEN|PPDUR10|PPTRAN;
*(volatile int *)SYSCTL=IRQ2EN;
  interrupt (SIG_IRQ2, irq2_handler)


   * (volatile int *)TXPP=0x00404040;   //@@@_