Installing SigmaStudio on a networked PC

Discussion created by KJBob on Oct 16, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2015 by chuckwin

     With some networks, the users' My Documents folder is mapped to a network drive for backup purposes.  This is supposed to be transparent to each user, but it may cause your SigmaStudio installation to fail.  If you get a message like the one below, this may be the cause:




Here's a workaround:


  1. Ask your network administrator to set up a local user account on your PC.  Be sure it has local administrator privileges.
  2. Make a new folder in the root of your C drive, such as C:\haha.
  3. Copy your SigmaStudio install file to that folder.
  4. Log off the network and on to your local machine account.
  5. Run the SigmaStudio install from there.  It should complete without error.
  6. Open your local My Documents folder, find and copy the new Analog Devices folder with its contents to C:\haha.
  7. Log back onto your network and move your Analog Devices folder from C:\haha to the mapped My Documents folder.



     I've originally needed to use this workaround to install SigmaStudio 3.4.  I didn't notice this issue with versions 3.5 up to Beta 3.74, but  just now I had to use the workaround to install the release version 3.7.  If you need it, hope it works for you.