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Increase of transmisson reliability (STBC?)

Question asked by shiny on Oct 16, 2012
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I'd like to transmit timing data (time critical) with the 868MHz band.

The transceiver chip should send an interrupt to the host ucontroller if a defined preamble is detected

(this requirement is met by many transceiver ICs).


In order to increase the quality of the transmission channel, I'd like to use Alamouti-coding with
two transmitting and one receiving antenna (space-time block coding).
The drawback would be that the preamble is potentially detected just afterwards the Alamouti-decoding -
which is done on the host controller I guess. So I have a few questions:


- Are there RF-transceiver (receiver) chips with integrated Alamouti-coding (or similar)?


- Is it possible to use Alamouti-coding if FSK is used as modulation?


- Are there other alternative coding schemes that guarantee better transmission reliability (better BER) and allow for instant preamble detection?


Thanks in advance,