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AD9834, OOK modulation and output level question

Question asked by zuzu on Oct 16, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2012 by musach

Dear friends,


Despite AD9834 haven't a dedicated tone On/Off pin like other DDS chips, I wonder if can be emulated by using FSEL, programming F0=desired frequency and F1=0, or toggling this function from CONTROL register (software). This is correct?


The second problem is I need to boost it's output signal up to 3.2Vrms on 10K impedance, up to 10MHz. My plans are to use both AD9834 outputs to a balun, so converting from balanced to un-balanced on 50ohms. Then a small LPF and amplify with some >100MHz operational amplifier but (and this is the design question) I haven't differential supply, so I use a virtual Vdd/2 ground, and gain=10 non inverting configuration. Can I replace somehow entirely the balun solution and use directly a operational amplifier ?


Thanks very much in advance,