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UART tx and rx interrupt

Question asked by RAZ on Jul 26, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2011 by Mitesh



   I am suing SHARC 21369 processor. I want to use the UART Transmit and receive interrupt to send and receive messages. I have gone through the UART echo back example.


The echo back example uses only receive interrupt. I have gone through the hardware refrence manual and I am a bit confuse on how to enable and use both transmit and receive interrupts.


The uart receive interrupt is assigned to P13 using the following


*pPICR2 &= ~(0x3E0);  

//Sets the UART0 receive interrupt to P13


Do I need to assign UART0 transmit interrupt to say P14?  I will be grateful if anyone could provide me some information or example code.