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Read USB mass storage device with NET2272

Question asked by NAEET on Jul 26, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2009 by CraigG

Hi Guys,


I've done various projects with PIC microprocessors for years now, and has just switched to Black Fin BF561 for my first serious multi-media project.


I'm using the USB LAN extender board with the BF561, and need to read data from a USB flash disk or USB harddrive for processing.


Is the NET2272 IC the correct IC to use for my project. The main (only) reason why I plan to use it is because it is on the USB LAN extender board, and I'm very much pressed for time. The idea is to complete my full project development quickly using the multi-media development kit, before I design a single circuit. Will the NET2272 automatically detect a standard USB flash disk or USB HDD once connected?


My current design is to use the dual core BF561, with the main core streaming video output, whist the second core reads USB data from a USB mass storage device as well as streaming audio output. I assume their might be a sample project availale that actually do most of this already? Apart from the USB disk access, I've downloaded the libraries needed for the audio and video decoding.


Where can I get hold of the circuit diagrams for the development kits - BF561 as well as the USB LAN extender?



Thank you very much. All help will be highly appreciated.