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ADV7403 video acquisition problem

Question asked by Valeri.P on Oct 14, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2012 by mattp


I have a strange problem with the ADV7403. I have two custom scripts designed by us (based on the eval board scripts). One is for STANAG B (RGsB) and the other is for PAL (CV). The first is using the CP processor and the second is using the SDP processor. Both scripts work just fine without any problem when receiving a video signal. But then there is a problem when I switch between the channels. If I do it quickly (for example within a minute)  back and forth - the switching and video acquisition is fast and takes less than a second. When I stay in the PAL mode for a few minutes and then switch to STANAG B it takes about 3 seconds till I see a valid video. If I stay in the STANAG B for a few minutes and then switch to PAL there is NO such problem and the switching and acquisition is fast. So it looks like the problem exists only when I switch to CP processor.

It is a weird problem and I don't see anything that can lead to such thing.

Do you have any clue for my problem?


Some more details: Each time when I switch between channels I do a hard reset via reset pin for 7ms and then I wait another 7ms without doing anything. After that I configure the ADV7403 via the I2C bus with 100kHz speed. The configuration is done by FPGA and includes all the registers.