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ADL5382 and ADL5387

Question asked by LPR13 on Oct 12, 2012
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i designed two boards , one with the ADL5382, and the other one with the ADL5387.

both show the same problem : a new image appears, at frequency : RFin-3*LO.


In both boards the LO is issued form an ADF4350, with a very bad third order harmonic.

So i test with an LO issued form an Signbal generator, with >-80dBc third order harmonic.


the Problem is stil there.

same thong with the eval board : ADF4350 with ADL5382 / ADL5387


there is the specified filter between the ADSF5340 and the demodulator, form CN-0134


Can I solve the Problem?


any advice, informations,


best regards