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SigmaStudio not quite ready for prime time, is there something else?

Question asked by CoolJavelin on Oct 10, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2012 by GatsbyDSP

Is SigmaStudio the only tool available for programming the ADAU1701 DSP, or can I use another development environment like VisualDSP or other from analog, or is there even a third party development environment I can use?


I think the idea of SigmaStudio, where I drop a block onto a workspace, and let it worry about linking and loading and all that stuff is a fantastic paradigm shift in DSP programming.


I really look forward to the future releases of SigmaStudio, but, unfortunately it isn't quite there yet.


My customer is insisting on the 1701, and I will do what it takes to accommodate, but there are some features that I feel are a high priority that don't seem to be included or don't work properly.


#1 Printing, I can't, for the life of me get a large schematic to fit on a page of paper. I tried to move the schematic to the left, or right, tried to compact the blocks to the point of unreadability, but it just won't do the job. This should be made a HIGH priority to fix in the next release.


#2 Zoom, There is no zoom feature so I can see the entire workspace on my screen. The view menu (any other menu) doesn't have a zoom option.


#3 manually route nets. If I move a block, the nets do a poor job of routing themselves for clarity. If I move a bunch of blocks (using a window) I find a bunch of nets crossing over each other or under blocks. While this is a minor issue, it is pesky and takes some time for me to delete and reroute nets.


As I said, I await with anticipation for the next releases, but in the mean time, I need to earn a living. Are there other tools I can use?


I am experienced in assembly and C so I can do it the old way.


Thanks, Mark.