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AD9889B No Video, Using AD "Initial Preset_1080p.val", HDCP Issue ?

Question asked by Greg-9351 on Oct 10, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by mattp

Having problems with no video from AD7889B. Tried 1080P initialized via i2c with AD "Initial Preset_1080p.val". Feeding 24bit, RGB with external positive syncs. Timing generator producing correct sync, de, and data timing. This file programs 197 registers. Really want to get 1080i to work and have my own script I created (14 commands) from the register document that does not work either.


Noticed in review of AD "Initial Preset_1080p.val" file that some registers not complient with programming guide. For example location A0 is programmed with a 4 (by the Preset_1080p.val) while the guide said must be 0 for proper operation.


Support told me should get a "script" that will run. Getting this part to work by bit banging may be fruitless. Must get script that is proven to work that can turn off HDCP as this device is locked from providing video until HDCP is disabled successfully.