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adv212 1080i problem

Question asked by Pcxmathy on Oct 9, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2012 by DaveD


I am working on encoding 1080i video by adv212.

I only use one adv212 because I only need to encode the luma of 1080i video.

I use Xilinx FPGA, Microblaze, and I use EPC ipcore to control ADV212. Also, I don't use DMA mode.

The problem is that I can receive the encoder data. But when I check the code by Kakadu decoder, I find

that the picture is very blurred, and the size of the picture is not what I set in the firmware parameter.


Dose  one ADV212 can encode luma of 1080i video? Dose I have to use DMA mode when encoding 1080i video?

Here is my settings:


PLL_HI     = 0x0008

PPL_LO   =  0x0084

firmwire: 0x02010503  0x03000000 0x01019500 0x00000001

I also use user-specified mode, also the problems exist.

Plase help me! Thank you!