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ADV7180: Video input looks distorted

Question asked by jerivera on Oct 9, 2012
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I'm driving the input IN1 of the adv7180 with NTSC, from an op amp circuit driving a resistor divider,as the data sheet reccomends, and from the resistor divider ac couple to the input pin via a 0.1uF cap. When I probe the input pin the video signal looks distorted. I read the status registers via I2C and this what I get. STATUS1:6A, STATUS2: 00, STATUS3: 7C. There is no lock of any kind. I'm driving XTAL1 input with 1.8V oscillator @ 28.6363Mhz. The LCC output is 27Mhz. I'm using default values on the I2C registers. VSYNC is pulsing @ 18.8ms period and is asynhronous to the input. TV source is from a panasonic TV camera. Attached is a scope capture of the camera output and IN1 (pin 35) input. I'm using a 64 pin package. Do I have to set any other I2C registers? The part is set to autodetect NTSC by default.photo2.JPG