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DebugAgent Flashing Without VisualDSP++ Installation

Question asked by Chris-BF on Oct 9, 2012
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We have a number of BF537 based ECUs with Debug Agent hardware (similar to EZ-KIT Lite).  During development at our office we are using VisualDSP++ to perform debugging and then flash the devices with the required release of software before commisioning at the customer site.  Once flashed we have a custom PC tool (Windows based - .NET) which talks to the ECU via Ethernet.


Are there existing libraries which can be used to provide the flashing of .ldr files on a Windows platform via USB without a VisualDSP++ installation (at customer PC, for example).  I have seen the VIsualDSP++ Flash Programmer API note (EE_311_Rev_1_12_2006.pdf) but this obviously still requires VisalDSP++ to be present on the machine, although offers the functionality we need.  The ideal solution would be to integrate these libraries into our custom tool to allow updates of ECU code to be delivered with tool updates.


Many Thanks.