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AD9880 HDMI Quality field

Question asked by Blackbird on Oct 9, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2012 by cvaughn

Hello Analog Tech. Support Team,





Regarding the AD9880 DVI de-serializer, register 0x2F , field HDMI Quality (Bits[2:0]):


1. What is the algorithm that defines the value of this field ?

Datasheets provides only vague information that the field is dependent on DE quality, but no further details other than that.

2. What is a field practical value, when connecting a streamer/PC/etc... to the device, with a proper cable of standard length ?

3. Is there a field value above which one may assume data (R,G,B,syncs) is error free ?

4. Is there a field value below which one should assume data containts errors ?

5. What should happen in the practical sense (EMC inteferrence ?, cable too long ?, Bad layout ? etc...) for the field to have a low value ?