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ADE7753 Power Supply

Question asked by TrendChaser89 on Oct 8, 2012
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     The datasheet of ADE7753 specifies that a 5 V +/- 5% (4.75 min / 5.25 max) is needed to power up its digital and analog circuitry.  I made a power supply circuit using a 220/9 V Transformer, a bridge rectifier and a 7805 regulator (see attached image).  When I tested its output voltage, my multimeter reads 5.4 V.  I did not use it to power up the ADE7753, I thought the ADE7753 might get damaged.  Instead, I opted to buy a 5 V power supply whose output voltage is 5.25 V when tested with a multimeter.  It works fine but I wanted to make my own power supply.  Can anyone suggest a circuit schematic that best suits the application of powering up the ADE7753?




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