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ADV7842, handling of unused RXx_5V

Question asked by usaghi on Oct 9, 2012
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A customer is asking, are RXx_5V pins OK to be opened when unused ?


He knows it is described as "If not using the RXx_5V pins (where x =A or B) these pins should be pulled to 5 V.", in UG-214 ADV7842 Hardware User Guide.pdf, Rev. 0 | Page 173 of 504, therefore, he was making his circuit board, providing 5V to the pins, through DC/DC from 12V.

However, he found a case ADV7842 was burned when suppling 12V accidentally by short, at final stage before releasing the product. Here it is difficult to add protection circuit in this stage, then he thought if available to be open(Not Connect) , it is the most easiest way to do.


Your confirmation and any of comment are very much appreciated.


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