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Question asked by nabanece on Jul 24, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2010 by vikramc



        We have integrated USBIO file io code available in  Analog devices folder into VDK kernel. We are testing this code on BF527 EZKit Lite and VDSP5.0 with update 6.


  In the kernel we have one boot thraed and two parallel running threads with file io. The two threads are having same priority. Round robin schelduling has been used. In this case, part of file transfer has been successful. Later no data tansfer taken file. After halting, the pointer is at while(g_bRxflag == 0),  in usb_read function, i.e the system waiting USB to be configured. In the VDK history window, one thread shows that it has been blocked by mutex. Can anybody guess what is making the problem in this situation.