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isoPower & iCoupler on dual-layer PCBs

Question asked by AlsoBW on Oct 7, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2012 by bkennedy

Having studied the following documents:

AN-0971 - Recommendations for Control of Radiated Emissions with isoPower Devices and

AN-1109 - Recommendations for Control of Radiated Emissions with iCoupler Devices

can i make the conclusion that using both series on a normal dual-layer PCB (FR4)  is guaranteed to fail the radiated emmisions requirements (Board only, no housing).

Does Analog Device have other application notes / test reports on how these units can be used on dual layer PCBs and the best way they can be used and what the restrictions may be. Like: isoPower at 3V3-10mA with 100kps and board x would pass if y and z are met?


The isoPower and iCoupler series look very nice but converting some existing dual layer boards (with opo+power) to 4-layer boards would cost to much and has no other advantages (in our case).