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Bad brightness & contrast with ADV7604 connected to a PC DVI.

Question asked by BrianG on Oct 7, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2012 by mattp

I have my ADV7604 connected to a PC video DVI output.


The PC is feeding raw DVI RGB 24 bit.

The video data on the DVI has been confirmed to contain a true 0-255 luminance ramp.  No color correction or processing is happening within my PC.


The ADV7604 is feeding me 30 bit RGB, contrast and color controls are OFF.


The data on the ADV7604 seems to be shifted +16 (upper 8 bits of data bus) with an odd gain in the data.


How do I setup the ADV7604 so that it gives me the raw 24 bit RGB from the video card.


Note that I have the following settings:


IO map:

Alt_gamma = 0

OP_656 range = full range (0-255)

RGB_Out = RGB mode.

Data saturator is off.


CP map.

Noise shaping is disabled.

I've played with Contrast & brightness, however, a little improvement of the default 128, but, the data is not linear & accurate to the PC source.


Disabling color controls & setting a hard manual clamps + manual gains was more accurate, however, the settings I used were completely off any feasible sense.


Almost all other registers in the IC are at factory defaults & ADI recommended power-up writes.


You must have a true sensible setting for receiving the true real RGB shades and contrasts.