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Level translator for PCI 2.2 3.3V to 1.8V

Question asked by NaveenMysore on Oct 5, 2012
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We are designing a system where legacy PCI 2.2 is being used. Our board has Xilinx Virtex 6 FPGA where we have a PCI IP and this card is plugged on to a mother board on PCI connector. Since Xilinx V6 works with 1.8V or 2.5V IO and thus does not support 3.3V, we need to have a level translator for connecting with 3.3V PCI bus. The issue is with the PCI protocol that this uses reflected wave switching where the voltage on the PCI pin could be higher  than the rated VCC-to-GND voltage. Not all the level shifters available can be used due to this. Could you please suggest us any level shifter from Analog suitable for our requirement (3.3V to 1.8/2.5V fpr PCI).