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ask about ADI 16364

Question asked by KevinChou@BioRoLa on Oct 5, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2012 by NevadaMark

  I use Labview cRIO9401 to connect with ADI16364.


  I can't use The program in (There are zeros between datas and I don't know why)


so I write a SPI interface to communicate with ADI16364.


It works for a while but it can't use today.


I write an address PROD_ID 0x56 to check if the received data is 0x3FEC but it's not.


I try x-accel y-accel z-accel,and give the same data 0000 1100 0000 0000


If the received data is wrong ,i can't check DIAG_STAT(system status).


I also wrote GLOB_CMD DIN = 0xBE80 to reset software but it doesn't work ,too.


How can I fix it? Or what should I do to check whether the IMU is fine


Is RESET pin works? How do I use it?