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Multichannel Audio Multicast

Question asked by JeanFernandes on Jul 24, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2009 by jobo23

Dear Sirs


I bought a BF537 Stamp Board, and now I 'm need to draw an audio interface (in/out). So, I have some questions to solve.


1) Using a AD1938 Codec with 2 stereo in , 4 stereo outs, and regarding that I have 4 mono inputs and 8 outputs, is it possible change

(split) an audio driver to deal then just mono ones? Applications, of course running on uclinux.


2) Are there some article or person that tested to send up to 8 audio channels (16 bits, 48 Khz) over ethernet peer to peer using 2 BF boards ?

In this case putting 2 AD1938, on TDM mode just using a SPORT0 to collect 8 mono audio channels and send its over eth (multicast/rtp).




Jean Fernandes