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Memory DMA copy from small array to circular buffer

Question asked by ChadK on Oct 4, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2012 by ChadK

In my application I keep data in L1 while doing preliminary work on it.  I then need to copy this out to SDRAM as part of a larger array that I will have to access later.  What I'd like to be able to do is every time I fill up the L1 data, I fire off a DMA transfer to the SDRAM, which is setup as a circular buffer so that I don't have to worry about range checking, etc, the hardware will wrap when necessary.  Looking through the docs, it looks like circular buffers are only useful going from/to a peripheral, and not for memory to memory copies, because there is not a way to restart the transfer (and reset the originating address, but not the location in the circular buffer).  Right now I'm trying to implement this on a Blackfin 518F.  Hopefully someone can point out something I missed in the documentation.