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ADuC847- How to connect a passive sensor or voltage source to ADC

Question asked by Sreejithlal on Oct 4, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2012 by MMA

Hi All. I'm working on an application with Aduc847. I have tried connecting a 4-wire RTD as well as Pressure sensor to the ADC of ADuc847 (in ratiometric measurement configuration) as specified in the datasheet. Both are working properly. However when I'm trying to connect a passive sensor with voltage output (like a piezo sensor which doesn't need excitation) to the ADC input ERR0 bit is always getting set in the ADCSTAT register. I'm using ADuC847 evaluation kit along with USB-EA device for debugging. Could anyone kindly suggest the configuration in which such a sensor or a voltage source (that doesn't need excitation) can be connected to the ADC input of ADuC847?