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BF-504F rev 0.0 TWI dividers issue

Question asked by Nikolay.Khatuntsev on Oct 4, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2012 by Nikolay.Khatuntsev



I'm experiencing a problem with dividers for TWI interface.


The dividers in TWI_CLKDIV seem to be higher than should be by 3.

With SCLK = 100 MHz, and PRESCALE = 10 the reference frequency for TWI is 10 MHz as it should be.

With TWI_CLKDIV = CLKHI(50) | CLKLOW(50) I got TWI frequency of 94.3 kHz. To get 100 kHz I have to program TWI_CLKDIV = CLKHI(47) | CLKLOW(47).


With different duty cycle and different frequencies I got always offset by 3 for each divider. I didn't find this issue in anomaly list.

Could anyone confirm this behavior?