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BF-504F rev 0.0 UART booting baudrate autodetection issue

Question asked by Nikolay.Khatuntsev on Oct 4, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2012 by Andreas



I'm working now with BF-504F, and experiencing problem with UART baudrate autodetection.


When booting from UART baudrate autodetection is not working properly - it is not using rounding to nearest integer divider - it is using flooring method to get integer. This is causing big baud rate differences for some cases.

In my case: Oscillator is 25 MHz, with anomaly in MSEL I'm getting (25*5/4) MHz SCLK and effective frequency to divide is SCLK/16 = 1953125 Hz.

Sent @ symbol with different baudrate. Host baudrate 115384 makes autodetection to select divider 16 and the baud rate is 122070 (5.8% error - bad case). Host baudrate 114833 makes autodetection to select divider 17 and the baud rate is 114890 (0.05% error - good case).

I didn't find this issue in anomaly list. Could anyone confirm this issue?