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iirdf1 coefficients

Question asked by anselm on Oct 4, 2012
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how does the function coeff_iirdf1_fx16 work?


I want to calculate the coefficients on my own to avoid instability.


In the documentation the vector coeffs is described as follows:


[b_0, -a_01, b_01, -a_02, b_02, ..., -a_n1, b_n1, -a_n2, b_n2, scale_factor ]


What is b_0? Is it the coefficient of the first stage and every other stages b_0 is assumed to be 1?

What is the scale_factor and how is it calculated?


I already decomposed my 4th order bandpass transferfunction into biquad stages (see attachement), but im stuck with calculating the coeff array.



Thanks in advance