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Image Rejection and QEC of AD9262

Question asked by aeller on Oct 4, 2012
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The application is an Ultra Wide-Band Direct Conversion Receiver (400MHz-6GHz) for a Spectrum Analyzer utilizing the ADL5380 and AD9262.


The datasheet for ADL5380 states it's Image Rejection (worst-case) is -46 dB @ 3.6GHz.


1) I am interested in knowing how much the AD9262's QEC algorithms help improve the Image Rejection / Distortion caused by I/Q imbalance and DC offset?


2) Is the QEC (if enabled) automatically done or does it require calibration from known RF inputs?


3) Worst case convergence time/number of samples of the QEC?


Requirement we are attempting to meet SFDR of >80dBc.


We have the capability to do this in DSP however, we are hoping that the AD9262 removes that design effort.