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ADE7878 doesn't respond on SPI.

Question asked by uriy on Oct 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by dlath

I am developing energy meter on ADE7878. I can not receive response from ADE to MCU on SPI.

As I understand from datasheet I have to make at first three dummy writes/reads to ADE. To enable SPI Chip select line should be toggled 3 times.

I see data on CS, MOSI and CLK by oscilloscope. It looks fine.

But no data on MISO.

I am using 16.384 generator. Generator also works.

Most important that I can not see REF voltage on 17th pin. Voltage level on this pin is zero.

As I understand from datasheet internal reference should be enabled after reset.

I have two boards symptoms are same.

Have you any idea what to check next?

Is it right that after reset on 17th pin should be 1.2V?