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AD9265-080 full scale

Question asked by Kiran on Oct 4, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2012 by PMH


I have a problem with the ADC full scale output. I m waiting a full scale of Vp_p ~ 2V, but i m getting only ~1.3 Vp_p.


my configuration:

ADC_frequency = 70 MHz

V_sense = GND

V_ref = +1V (internal reference)

Vcc = +1.8V

Vcm = 0.9 V (internal)

Output = Offset Binary

Vin+ - Vin-    ---> Differential


so i thought the design should work for a 0 - ~2 Vp_p input signal with commode mode voltage at 0.9 V.

ADC V_ref register is kept at default (0x11) 2V;Even i tried with (0x10) 1.75Vp_p; but by 1.3 Vp_p i m getting full scale values.


Can anyone please help me? thanks in advance.