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[Error li1040] Out of memory in output section

Question asked by pereira on Oct 4, 2012
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Hi !

I have a problem to declare big arrays...

When arrays are small, theres is no problem, but when the size increases, I have this message :

[Error li1040] ".\ADSP-21469_C.LDF":194 Out of memory in output section 'seg_dmda' in processor 'p0'

        Total of 0xb804 word(s) were not mapped.

For more details, see 'linker_log.xml' in the output directory.


This works

float dm buf_01[2][1024] ;

float dm buf_02[2][1024] ;

float dm buf_03[2][1024] ;

float dm buf_04[2][1024] ;

float dm buf_05[2][1024] ;


This fails :

float dm buf_01[2][2048] ;

float dm buf_02[2][2048] ;

float dm buf_03[2][2048] ;

float dm buf_04[2][2048] ;

float dm buf_05[2][2048] ;


I don't think that there that big... and ADSP-21469 should be able to store this kinf of arrays...

I tried to read the linker file, but it was already there so I did not change anythink.