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Question asked by MarkBishop on Oct 2, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2012 by James.Kosin

Kernel Version: Linux blackfin 3.0.8-ADI-2011R1 

Toolchain Version: 2011R1-RC4

I go to add timerfd.h to my project and it isn't found.  I've tried these:


#include <sys/timerfd.h>


#include <timerfd.h>


I go into the toolchain directory and type 'find . |grep timerfd.h' and it returns nothing.


I thought this was already supported in the Analog Devices version of uClinux or I assumed it was as that I have seen patches from 4 years ago for the ColdFire version of uClinux and a tracker from 2007 on (  Is this not correct?



Also, I have enabled timerfd support in the kernel.