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adv7441a component input change

Question asked by drorliveu on Oct 2, 2012
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We're using the mentioned chip and connect it to a TI 6467T. I've found out that when I switch the input (source is sony camcorder) from NTSC 480i (component) to 1080i component I must reset the adv7441a otherwise I get a black screen. After the change of input and before the chip reset I do get a STDI DVALID bit set and querying the chip to find out the current identified standard (by reading registers 0xb1,0xb2,0xb3,0xb4) yields the correct answer (component, 1080i60) but turning on the vpif on the TI chip yields a black screen. If I reset the chip then all is fine.


So I suspect something with my configuration of the adv7441a is wrong... Any hints where to look?


This only happens if I change from 480i to 1080i in component. The move from 1080i to 480i goes without problems and also starting the chip when input is 1080i or with no input and then connecting to 1080i - has no problems.