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ADL5201 - Output impedance and Gain

Question asked by veera on Oct 2, 2012
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Does the gain of ADL5201 dependent on the output Load? We are planning to use another Differential amplifier (AD8352) at the output of ADL5201 to provide Multi-stage gain. AD8352 has high input impedance, so it should be possible for ADL5201 to drive the AD8352 directly, right? Does the output gain vary to a High impedance load? If it so, Can we just add 150 ohm resistance at parallel to the input of the AD8352, so that ADL5201 sees 150 ohm load and ensure gain does not vary? In this case should also ensure PCB traces have differential  150 ohm impedance?


Can the input to the ADL5201 be single ended? We do not want to use any transformers at the input. And can we add  75 ohm impedance at the input of the VGA and thus provide 50 ohm load to the preceding device without needing any Impedance matching Transformer?