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ADAU1761 Self Boot-up Mode

Question asked by mezza-uk on Oct 1, 2012
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I am new to the Analog series of DSP and was attracted to the DSP's due to the fact that non-programmers such as myself could download Sigma Studio and compile programs without having to resort to learning a programming language.

I chose the ADAU1761 and purchased the evaluation board, integrated it into our existing product and found the design to be great for what we wanted.

When I unplugged the device I have found out that it loses the program. Reading the forums I have discovered that the ADAU1761 has volatile program memory and needs to be rebooted via a micro-controller in order to load up from switch on.

This really is not ideal for me, I don't want to be designing in micro-controllers intot he design now as well. Is there a simple solution to get the ADAU1761 up and running from power down with the minimum of fuss and design?

Alternatively I could switch to the ADAU1701 processor, which according to the datasheet is a self-booting DSP. Is this simple to use and set-up as self booting or a lot of effort. Is the ADAU1701 equvalent to the 1761?

I thought I had cracked it until this self booting issue came up. I wanted to demo a prototype in a few weeks time.


some help and views would be greatly appreciated.