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Question asked by Brett on Oct 1, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2012 by GuenterL

we are using ADV7842 video decoder for video streaming application with one of TI media processor ,and we are using one external SPI EDID EEPROM .(but not I2C EDID EEPROM)

in case of DVI video input i am facing some issues related to the EDID authentication , if we connect the DVI video input to our board and after booting our board then video streaming is not happening and EDID authentication is getting failed , but if we boot our board first and after booting if we connect the  DVI input then it is working properly.

in ADV7842- 7511 evaluation board one SPI EEPFROM EDID and 2 I2C EEPROM EDID are being used ,  as SPI EDID ROM can only communicate to the decoder not to the DDCA channel of DVI port then what is the purpose od SPI EDID if on every power up we have to program the decoder and same time we can program the internal EDID  RAM also.