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VDSP 5.0 (Update 10.1) Crashes OS

Question asked by timtoombs on Sep 30, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2012 by CraigG

VirtualBox Host OS: Ubuntu 12.04 (i7 - 8G)

Guest OS: Vista Ultimate 32-bit (2x processors, 2G RAM)

Processor: BF514 - Custom board (This design has been in production for over a year.)

Emulator: ADZS-USB-ICE


This is a recent install.  The laptop that had this installation failed two weeks ago.


After making minor changes to my code (debugger/emulator seemed to be working fine), I went to program the flash.  The process seemed to start okay (flash driver loaded fine, ID'd the flash, etc.), I pointed to the .ldr file and began programming.  Then the OS crashed.  Sorry, I didn't catch any error messages that may have popped up.


Now, I can't start VDSP Environment, it will crash the guest OS when it starts.  Some VDSP windows start to be displayed, then Vista reboots.


There are no Windows laptops capable of running VDSP in the building, so short of running out to buy Windows 7 and dual-booting this machine, it's unlikely I will get one soon.


Here's what I've tried:

1)     Re-installed Update 10.1

2)     "Touch"ed the installation

3)     Removed the emulator drivers wmUSBice.sys  (this may not have been a complete removal, I found different descriptions in different forum entries.  The second one I found seemed much more thorough).


Vista seems to start (after complaining about the crash) fine, and appears to run fine.  When it was working, the IDE seemed to run without problems (faster than the ancient laptop it was installed on!).


Any suggestions will be welcome,